Once upon a time…

30 Mar

There is a first time for everything, we all know that, and I remember pretty well the first time I bought some beads to make a pair of earrings.

Well, I must admit that I have my own perversion: I use to go in a big hobby shop here in Germany every time I feel the urgency to create something. The story is always the same, I never know what I am going to buy but I never – and I do mean never – leave that place empty-handed. But, honestly, how could you possibly resist to all those nice things that simply remind your brain that it has still a creative part and it is still able to give birth to ideas?

And how could I possibly resist to a mega-area of that shop entirely devoted to the art of jewellery making, full of beads and findings and sparkling little beads and crystals and…
In that precise moment I made up my mind: I had to make some earrings.
So that day I bought:

  • green and red polaris beads (the only polaris beads bought so far)
  • sparkling glass beads
  • metallic beads
  • headpins
  • pliers

Well, I am too picky to say they were nice earrings and I won’t post any photo of them, but just as a reminder of my first step in this new world, I will show you my very first simple loop. Ready?

Quite extemporaneous, don’t you think?


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