No more secrets!

9 Nov

There isn’t too much on my beading table today as I spent some time trying to figure out what was wrong in my relationship with Liver of Sulfur.

Until Sunday I used to dip my copper into a solution of LoS and hot water. Well, I didn’t even have the time to blink once that everything turned completely back. Really. A quick dip and BUM! Black.

Just like that. It was also a little frustrating. Was I the only one who could not use LoS? No way!

After some experiments I realized that if the β€œdip technique” was not working for me, maybe I had to change my approach. So, why not “sponging” the copper? After all, if copper will not go to LoS, LoS must come to copper. (I am not sure this is the original saying…)

Anyway, my new “sponging technique” worked just fine for me and now I can decide which tone of colour and where. Well… almost.

But let’s cut the chatter. I know pretty well that a blog post is only completely a blog post when has a picture, that’s why I want to tell you what happened to these:

I followed your suggestions and made a couple of earrings. I darkened them with LoS but at that time I was still using the dip technique and the result was a couple of pretty dark earrings. I wasn’t happy with that, and after a lot thinking I added a Czech bead to give some light and now I love them!

And don’t forget to go here to see what other bead tables look like today.


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