My funds: 1.50 €

25 Jul

Have you heard of the Thrift Store Blog Hop? Sarah Goode came up with this idea and you can read the story behind this new blog hop on her blog.

If you want the short version, I can tell you that the basic idea was to go to a thrift store and pick up something for under 1,50 €.

At the store, I found out that thrift stores here can be very expensive. Not expensive-expensive, but thrift store-expensive. I was almost loosing all the hopes when I saw this bracelet.

All alone, on a shelf… I took it. And I bought it even knowing that it was a lost case. Seriously, no inspiration there.

It was really a challenge to find what to do with all these little things…

But in the ends I made something.

Ops… I guess I have some problem with my camera settings… Sorry, I have to buy a new one!

Oh, well! I think you have to come back on the 4th of August to find out what that blurry thing is.


2 Responses to “My funds: 1.50 €”

  1. Sarah July 26, 2012 at 06:54 #

    ooh! What unusual components you had to play with. I think I’ve gone for the totally random option with mine yet again *laughs* Can’t wait to see what everyone has made! I still haven’t finished mine.

    • chicandfrog July 26, 2012 at 07:04 #

      Unusual is an euphemism… It was a real struggle to make something out of them.

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