Bead Table Wednesday

17 Oct

I know I am terrible, I have no excuses… The problem is that I got distracted, really.

But let’s start from the beginning.

I am a member of an amazing group on Facebook called Creative Bead Chat where people that enjoy making jewellery or beads meet and talk.

The talented Shelley from Fabric of my life is a member too, and one day of July she posted this amazing creation:



She received tons of compliments and likes, which is pretty understandable. But Shelley is not only talented, she is also generous. So, in a wonderfully spontaneous way she went for a giveaway:



And I can garantuee you that she really likes to share, because that sand dollar landed in my mail box ten days later!



I was thrilled and super excited, and I still am when I look at it.

At the moment, the sand dollar is on my bead table and I am just looking at it. I know that I am going to use it to make a necklace, maybe something with a bohemian style, but I am still looking for the right materials and design.

So I guess we all have to wait before we can see the final piece (And I promise I will post about it as soon I finish it!).

I should have written this post months earlier but I had a lot of stuff going on at the time and I also am a procrastinator when it comes to blog posts… But it’s never too late to show one more time how gorgeous this dollar is and to thank one more time Shelley for her kindness.



And if you’d like to buy one of this sand dollar, stop by her Etsy shop. You won’t regret it!


4 Responses to “Bead Table Wednesday”

  1. Awww ((AMBRA)) thank you sooo much for all your kind words. I am happy it went to such a loving home.

    I can sooo relate to the procrastination, I’m the same way! AND when I get goodies (and I do all the time because I have great bead karma!) I just don’t want to use them. I just like to look at them. They are little handmade gifts and represent friends that I have made. I am moving soon and I am setting up a new studio. My plan is to put up a shadow box frame, or two, to display my favorites. That way I will have all that inspiration and love surrounding me! So you DON’t have to do a thing else with that sand dollar – just love him because he came to you with love! XXOO Shelley

    • chicandfrog October 17, 2012 at 21:09 #

      My pleasuse Shelley! Your sand dollar really makes me smile each time that I look at it. For me it is just incredible that you gave them, just like that, all of a sudden. And your idea to be sorrounded by all the gifts you received is wonderful, I can only imagine the energy they will give you!

  2. Pippa October 17, 2012 at 18:35 #

    Ambra, how lucky are you!!! That is gorgeous!!!

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