Photo a Day Challenge: week 1

12 Nov

My first week spent doing “A photo a day challenge” is over.

I have to admit that I am having fun. I began to carry my camera with me in my purse and I began to look at all the details that surround me and that passed unnoticed, untill now.

As I walk, now I stop and look at the flowers, at the plants, at the fruits sold in the market. The down side is that I am often late and miss my train, but I can fix that.

The prompts for the first week were these one:

And these are my interpretations. Ah, before going forward, I am not a photographer, I don’t think that these are the greatest photos ever, but I had fun and to me that’s all that matter.


At work, nothing funny.


Books, books and more books!


Make up! I actually feel naked if I don’t have my mascara on.


This one was easy.


Yoga is forever.

I skipped some days, I know. But my goal was to take at least 4 photos each week, so I am fine and ready for the next week!


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