My week in pictures

26 Jul
Red shaggy loop

July, 19: The week begins with a new Etsy listing.


July, 20: Pancake with berries for breakfast


July, 21: Experimenting with quinoa

Little duck

July, 22: A little duck on my way to work

Choco discs

July, 23: New listing: Elastic bracelet “Choco discs”


July, 24: Flowers, flowers, flowers

Steam cooking

July, 25: I am the future steam cooking queen


2 Responses to “My week in pictures”

  1. Sandra July 26, 2014 at 15:57 #

    I got a steamer just like that, and I prefer using it over cooking my veggies in boiling water. Less water used, less energy, plus, the taste is better imho. I’ve never tried quinoa, but I’m very much into bulgur right now, and completely addicted to “kisir” (Turkish bulgur salad). Would be interesting to know how the two compare.

    Love the earrings! β™₯

    LG, Sandra

    • chicandfrog July 27, 2014 at 21:40 #

      I got my steamer only last week and I already love it. Veggies taste better, you are right, and the same goes for chicken or fish. I am so happy that I bought it! I have never tried bulgur, I went from couscous to quinoa because of its high nutrional value. That salad was really tasty, I will do it again.

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