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P.S. Promoting Sunday

24 Nov

This is the latest item I listed in my DaWanda shop.

Heart of brass

It’s a long necklace made using gorgeous art bead beads and a bronze heart.

Heart of brass

What? You have already seen it? Well, you are right, I made it for the Autumn challenge. You can read more about it here.

The beads are gorgeous and I love the contrast between the shades of green and the main bronze colour of the necklace.

Heart of brass

A gorgeous accent!

Heart of brassa.

Available here


Christmas Special

26 Nov

Christmas is just around the corner and I am having a special sale in my DaWanda shop.

As of today until the 6th of December, you will enjoy a 12% off in up to three DaWanda main categories each day (excluding the ‘Sale’ category). Categories will be announced via a changing banner on the DaWanda homepage.

A nice occasion to buy some Christmas presents, don’t you think? But as I wanted to make this offer even more nicer, I thought that no matter which category is featured on the DaWanda homepage, you will still have a 12% off on your order! How? Just enter the code BLOGSP012 in the comment box while completing you purchase. Easy, right?

The offer will last till the 6th of December at midnight (Berlin time).

Thursday with colours

15 Nov

I love all the shades of this Madagascar agate. They go from pale yellow to the darkest brown.

As I was trying to decide how to wrap it, I thought that it was a pity to cover the stone, so I went for a simple design. Less is better, they say.

I also felt the urge to make a chain for the pendant. So I used black agate semi-precious beads and simple rings.

Et voilà, this is how it looks when it’s worn.

Linking links

17 Aug

Some times ago I bought these glass beads with the idea to make a long necklace. As I saw them I thought that they were born to feature in a necklace with a loose pattern.

Almost at the same time, I decided to take part of Peggy Johnson‘s Link Challenge.

I was so happy when the links finally arrived because 1. they were beautiful and 2. I could use them along with the glass beads to make my necklace (I am a procrastinator, and by the time the packet from Peggy landed in my mail box, I hadn’t yet started to work on my necklace…).

So, I had my idea, my beads, my links, my wire and my holidays to enjoy.

I really didn’t need anything else to realx and work on my project.

Check out Peggy’s blog post for the complete list of all partecipants and vote for your favourite creation!

Bead Table Wednesday

4 Jul

Since I finished it, this necklace shows off on my beading table.

I want to make some earrings to match that river of glass beads, so I use to watch it now and then, looking for an inspiration.

Details of the linking element

They have to be long, multi strands, but I still have no precise design in my mind. It will come, I know that.

Oh, I almost forgot to introduce you MariaAntoniette, she will be my official model from now on.

Long necklaces!

14 Dec

Sometimes I loose track of the days and – usually on Thursday – you can hear me saying “Oh, no! I missed the BTW!”.

This time I wrote a note in a big font on my agenda. So I am ready to show you a couple of pictures.

I decided to make more of these metallic elements and to work them with Afghanistan Jade semi-precious beads. I think I will spend the next days making shabby connections as I want to make quite a long necklace.

Speaking of long necklaces, I made this one lately. What’s better than a long necklace on a turtle neck?

Don’t forget to go here to see what other bead tables look like today.

Something new

29 Oct

Some times ago I wrote a post about all the things I learnt from the BSBP. Well, in the past days I decided to try something new. It’s not a new path I am going to walk but it’s nice to experience something different just to see what I can do without using my most dear friend: the wire.

So I decided to use some of this

with those

Can you guess what I was going to make?

Right! A choker!

Definitely not my style but I like it.

What about you? Have you ever made something that you would never wear?

There is always something to learn

16 Oct

It’s almost a month since the Bead Soup Blog Party and its blog hop.

I checked every single blog, left a comment to each of the wonderful piece my party partners made (well, I had to left out the blogs that asks for a google account to post a comment), fought with captcha codes and with the bureaucratic laws regulating Blogger blogs and WordPress blogs but I did it. And most important I am happy I did it.

I learned quite a lot hopping around and saw great pieces. So here is a short list of what this experience tought me.

    1. – Asymmetrical design: I should try this sooner or later. When they are well balanced, they rock!

      – Texture: I am not the type of person that would match a swarovski element with some paper beads, but mixing and matching is something I should try.

      – Chain: I should definitely use more big chains, they look lovely when combined with smaller ones.

      – Multistrand: it’s always an answer.

  • What can I say? It has been a great experience and for sure I will join the next one hoping to be selected. But before closing this chapter, I want to show you the second necklace I made using the fairy tassels made by Christine.

    Bead Table Wednesday

    28 Sep

    Bead Table Wednesday is back!

    I know, I missed the last two appointments but I suffered from a lack of inspiration and the one left was used for my Bead Soup.

    You can easily understand that inspiration is everything when you have to create and the BSBP kept me on the track and I didn’t loose myself completely, so thank you for this also Lori.

    But what’s on my bead table today? In my last blog post, I told you that I was working with the fairies that my lovely BSBP partner Christine sent me. As I write the post (Tuesday evening), the piece is practically over, but I had to make some pictures before it was completely dark outside. So you will not see the whole piece, but I hope that you enjoy what you see so far.

    Fairs, chains and butterflies… I love the combination, don’t you?

    And now, go here to see what’s happening on everyone’s bead table today.

    As for me, I am still hopping, so see you around!

    BSBP – Today is the day!

    17 Sep

    Do you know what day is today? It’s the Bead Soup Blog Party revelation day!

    After receiving beads from our partners, after a lot of brainstorming, after having done and maybe also undone and re-done, today is finally the great day to show what happened to the soup we were sent.

    Some of you maybe remember the beads I received from Christine. Well, I used them to make two necklaces and today I want to show you the main piece.

    Ready? Here you are!

    I couldn’t help using silver wire but it was really hard to find the proper way to use it. At the beginning I felt completely lost. I mean, the lampwork focal bead is wonderful and rich but I am not used to work with something with that particular shape.

    I was really miles away from my comfort zone but my wire helped me out and I really hope that my green technique won’t belittle the gorgeous beads made by Christine.

    Next week I will show you the second necklace I made with Christine’s beads. As for now, I can tell you that it is in vintage style. In the meantime, you can peek at what Christine made with the beads I sent her.

    And not forget to visit Lori’s blog for the full list of participants, there are going to be gorgeous creations to see.

    Sorry for the yellow light, but it was really late when I took the pictures. I will make new pictures soon.

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