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Tree of life

29 Jan

What happens if you mix up two techniques you don’t master?

I think that the final result depends on the lucky you have and this time luck was on my side.

Last week I stumbled on this youtube video and find it very inspiring. And you know, I had to give it a shot.

I picked a big cherry quartz glass and started my project.

First of all I had to make a sort of bezel to set the pendant. It took me two hours to come up with something decent and workable.

It didn’t look great, but I knew it would have worked. So I took several pieces of wire and from now on it was all a wrap-and-thread work.

At first it looked pretty messy and I felt lost. But I suddenly remembered that there was no thing as wrong nor a pattern to follow. It was just the wire and me. As I realized this, everything became simpler.

Full of hope, I kept wrapping and threading and the next thing I remember was that the design was taking shape.

It all happened in a couple of minutes. I don’t know how, when and why, but a tree was there.

Only the roots were missing and, at this point, they were a piece of cake.

I love it!


Another go

22 Jan

After my first wrapping attempt I made a new one.

I used a similar semi-precious bead as the regular shape really help the wrapping process and I think I did a better job. I could not stand all the marks that my pliers left on the wire on the first pendant and now I cannot see any, even if I look very closely.

It remains a basic wrapping, nothing compared to the wonderful designs I have seen around. But I’ll get there.

The most scary thing is that you cannot improvise.

The more I think of new wrappings, the more I realize that to make complex and wonderful wire architecture you must figure out in advance what you want to do.

So, please, tell me I am wrong because I am not so good at planning.

Trying and learning

16 Jan

Last weekend I tried my first serious wrapping.

After seeing some pictures of wrapped beads and a tutorial video, I thought “OK, enough with the studying. Let’s do it!”. Yeah, I am that kind of person. I like learning while doing things rather than reading a complete step by step procedure.

So I took my three pieces of wire and started.

As I was bending the wire around the bead, I soon realized that my wire was too hard. Anyway, I didn’t undo everything and went on with my project.

I added rose/purple beads just to have fun before making the final big hoop. I should have thought better about it, really. Eventually, I could do a hoop and my first wrapped bead pendant was finished.

It’s a basic wrap with a lot of flaws, next one will be better!

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